What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic program that will help you understand how the food you eat and your lifestyle affects your overall health and wellness. As a team we will focus on digestion for the best nutrient absorption possible. No one size fits all here! We will look at you as a bio-individual. You are a unique system that needs certain foods, digestive supports, and lifestyle adjustments to help you to be well.

Getting started is easy. Just call, email or even make an appointment on our website and you will receive some initial paperwork to complete so we can know your health goals. During the first appointment, we will go over your past medical history, a survey of your symptoms and a food journal. The unique aspect of Nutritional Therapy is a hands-on functional exam that is completed during your first visit. It is what sets Nutritional Therapy apart from other holistic programs. The functional exam will show us what systems or organs would like certain nutrients to heal or to work more optimally.

After all the intake information is collected, we will create a plan together. The plan may include changing current food choices to more nutrient dense foods in a manageable way. Some whole food based supplements may be recommended to help your digestive system. Possibly some lifestyle changes that can aid in healing will be explained. You will leave the first appointment with a manageable plan and knowledge on how to reach your goals. Follow ups are conducted based on individual goals and can be as frequent as every 2 weeks or every 2 months. If you canít travel to the office, no worries we can work long distance.

Nutritional Therapy is great for anyone; men, women, and children can all benefit from nutrient dense foods and better digestion. If you have a medical diagnosis, we can work with your medical team to help you reach your goals. Inquire today to get started on the first step to reaching better health and wellness.

Bob Mlynek