RESTART vs Whole 30

We have all been swayed to do a popular diet program like Whole30. Me included!

RESTART is different than these programs in many ways.

First, it is lead by a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) that studied for over 250 hours, attended 3 long weekends of class time, and took a certifying exam on course material. Most NTP’s also have done many of their own hours of study prior and after the program. We are taught how the Foundations (digestion, fats, hydration, blood sugar handling, and minerals) relate nutritionally to overall health and how to teach clients to use these Foundations to get into balance. Past participants say that RESTART is a real nutrition education class. Through learning about these Foundations, participants make healthier choices long term.

Second, it is not one size fits all. Vegetarians, flexitarians, and omnivores can all successfully take this program. The purpose of the 3 week sugar detox is to teach you that consuming sugar based foods can harm your health. Most participants do go through a detox period in this program but learn from it. Also, by committing to the class for 5 weeks and having the support of the group and NTP, participants get through this initial detox period and start to gain many positive health effects.

Third, it teaches you about digestion, fats and blood sugar handling and the science behind these important foundations for health. Good digestion is key to long term health. What good is a nutritious diet if you can’t digest the nutrients from it? In class, participants learn how the digestive system works and some easy ways to enhance digestive health. The right fats are incredibly important in decreasing inflammation and maintaining blood sugar. One of the best results from RESTART is balancing blood sugar and stopping the progression towards insulin resistance.

RESTART is different than most popular diet programs because it is lead by a professional, certified, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is packed full of time honored nutrition education. Check out a program near you on The RESTART Program.

Bob Mlynek