Ever get really angry before lunch or dinner? That is called being Hangry. It can cause you to say things you don’t mean or eat things you don’t really want to eat. It is a sign that your body isn’t processing your food well and you are having too big of blood sugar swings.

Why Do We Need Sugar?

Ever wondered why we are driven to eat sugar or foods that increase our blood sugar? Ever feel that rush that ice cream provides or a nice piece of chocolate cake? Me, too.

It is all about survival. You know that our brains use blood glucose (sugar) first for energy! We need it to survive. Our hearts also use this fast form of energy to beat and keep us alive. It is necessary. But, when we pummel our bodies with sugar that we can’t process over and over again, inflammation is created. We get tired shortly after eating. We get hangry before meals and at those 10 AM and 3 PM times. We MUST eat ice cream at the end of the day to satisfy that sweet tooth. These are all signs that our bodies can’t keep up with all the sugar or sugar type foods we eat all day.

Balanced Blood Sugar Helps Fight Infection, Disease and Depression

Basically, if your blood sugar is swinging up and down all day, your body doesn’t have the reserves it needs to fight. It needs these reserves to fight off viruses, bacteria, and other attacks to the immune system. Once blood sugar is controlled by eating healthy, well rounded meals, the body can function at optimal performance all day and sleep well all night.

Proper blood sugar control also helps keep our emotions stable. When we are in survival mode all day, trying to keep our blood sugar from not dipping too low, we don’t have the emotional and physical reserve to think clearly and act appropriately.

Just Eat Real Food

Never before in the history of mankind have we had a need to decrease blood sugar! Our modern society has many great inventions for helping us live better quality lives, but our modern food is killing us. Processed food, sugary foods & drinks everywhere are detrimental to our health. They directly impact our cells and cause them to go from a healthy pliable cell to a hard and sticky cell that can’t let nutrients in or out or do their job well. Joints start getting stiffer, arteries aren’t that good at letting blood pass through, and organs don’t perform as well as they should. So, put that sugary drink down and start drinking some water. Your body will thank you in the long run!

And if you need some ongoing support to beat those sugar cravings, consider attending one of my RESTART programs. You will learn why eating a whole foods based diet is best for your health and how to do it.

Bob Mlynek