Fertility Nutrition

The inability to conceive a baby for a couple is a growing issue in our society today. Unfortunately, it is a symptom of our modern lifestyles: toxins in the environment, our fast paced stressful lives, nutrient devoid foods, and infections that affect the reproductive system. Many of these things are difficult to control, however, nutrition can be easily controlled on a daily basis. The health and the mother and father are extremely important to have a healthy baby.

Nutrition is foundational for the body to work well. Each cell in the body needs nutrients from food to perform. For instance, the outside of the cell, most basic part of our bodies, is made of fats. Fats allow other nutrients in and out of the cell to be used for energy and other important functions. Processed foods and hydrogenated fats (found in packaged and store bought baked goods) make the outer part of the cell hard and nutrients cannot get through well. Fats are also the building blocks of hormones which fuel the reproductive tract to be able to make healthy babies. Healthy fats to consume are egg yolks, grass fed animal fats and butter, olive and avocado oils. Please, butter your vegetables!

Taking a step back into the body, the digestive tract needs to be able to effectively break down the nutrients in the food so the body can use them well. To start, the brain needs to be relaxed and ready to digest food. All food should be chewed as much as possible. The acid in the stomach should be acidic enough to breakdown food to pass along to the small intestine. The liver, gallbladder and pancreas work in tandem to digest fats, proteins and regulate blood sugar. The large intestine can recycle hormones and eliminates waste.

By working with a Nutritional Therapist at our office, you can optimize your digestion and diet, for mothers and fathers to be to enhance your fertility. The body is amazing and when given the correct nutrients can heal and reproduce healthy babies.

Bob Mlynek