Digestion Explained

Part I: Digestion Explained

Healthy digestion is imperative to make energy. Energy? Yes, energy. Every morsel of food and drink that we consume has the potential to turn into energy for various bodily functions. Food and drink are incredibly important to our bodily energy. The quality of food and how well digestion works is what our bodies are most concerned about to make energy and help all of our systems work best.

Digestion starts in the brain. How we view food can stimulate our digestive tract that something great is coming and to get ready. The nervous system should also be calm so digestion can have the appropriate amount of energy to work well. Our mouths respond with digestive enzymes to start breaking down carbohydrates and our mouths start grinding down food. When food leaves the mouth, it should be liquefied so the other organs can do their job well.

The stomach must be acidic enough to break down our food to turn it into the small intestine. Most of the nutrients from our food are absorbed in the small intestine. The liver and gallbladder work together and break down fats. The pancreas releases enzymes to break down sugar, proteins and bicarbonate to decrease the acidity of the digested food. The large intestine helps reabsorb some nutrients and digestive enzymes. Stool is created here and excreted.

The digestive system expends energy to get energy for the body. It is imperative that it works well so the rest of the systems in the body will work efficiently. Nutritional Therapy will teach you more about healthy digestion and how to improve it. By understanding and appreciating digestion, lasting lifestyle changes can happen for long term health. This review is quite simple and there are a lot more particulars that occur, however it is important to know the basics. For more information, see the Weston A Price Association.

Stay tuned for Down the Hatch: Part II Digestion Impaired

Bob Mlynek