Why Am I So Tired?

Ever been so tired you could fall asleep at your desk at 3 PM? Do you think about getting into bed all day long?

Fatigue is a common issue for many Americans. As with most symptoms, it most likely has many reasons.

Eating the right foods at the right time can fuel your energy and increase your stamina.

Starting with breakfast, choosing hard-boiled eggs, sausage, and an apple can fuel you for that morning meeting. It could help you bypass those meeting muffins.

Breakfast has the ability to set your blood sugar up for success for the day. Eating a breakfast heavy in fat and protein will fuel your brain, muscles, and hormones. Fat and protein are essential to our bodies, we must consume them because our bodies cannot make them on their own.

Eating every 3 hours throughout the day will keep your energy high. Your body needs fuel to work hard for you. Dips in energy during the day could mean that you are hungry. Choosing whole food snacks such as a banana and a handful of nuts can keep you energized for a couple of hours.

Reaching for water during the day instead of caffeinated drinks can boost your energy more naturally. Try drinking water infused with fruit, citrus, or mint.

Once you are eating often and enough throughout the day, if you are still tired, look into some other reasons. These reasons could be lack of sleep, too much stress, hormone dysfunction, or an overactive immune system.

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