Nutritional Therapy


 Nutritional Therapy

Everyone knows that eating incorrectly has a negative impact on your health, while eating properly has a positive impact on health. If everyone knows this, why are so many people eating unhealthy? At Faith & Hope Wellness Associates, we work with you, educating you on not just how to eat heathy but how it impacts your daily living.

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Individual & Specialized Programs

In-person individual sessions that happen in our office or online

3 Month Program

Get started with sessions designed to discuss your health goals, nutrient deficiencies and recommendations to help you feel better fast.  Typical session frequency is bi-weekly with phone and message support. $800

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6 Month Deep Dive

This amount of time allows us to dive into the healing process and utilize the hands on functional assessment to correct nutrient deficiencies and customize a supplement and nutritional protocol. Typical session frequency is bi-monthly for months 1-3 and then monthly for months 4-6 with phone and message support. $1100 (payment plans offered)

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Group Programs

In-person group sessions that happen in our office or online


A 5 week group program (in person!) where participants kick the sugar habit and feel their best ever! Groups are offered quarterly either online or in the Mechanicsburg office. 

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Vibrantly Nourished

A 6 week program designed to follow RESTART and help participants ease into a whole foods based lifestyle. Participants appreciate the extra group support and information to help them reach their long term nutritional goals. Offered online after RESTART groups. 


Online Program

Online information delivered to comfort of your home

Join my online community where you will receive weekly emails about pertinent nutritional topics that apply to your life. Emails will include an instructional video, health tips, action steps, and discounts of nutritional supplements. If you are a nutritional therapy client, the membership is included in your package! 

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