Nutri -Q

What is the Nutri-Q? The Nutri-Q stands for Nutritional Questionnaire. The Nutri-Q is used in many practices such as functional nutrition and chiropractic centers. It is a good representation of what symptoms say and the body needs.

There are over 300 questions which takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Once a client starts taking the questionnaire, he must finish it because the information unfortunately is not saved for later. Once complete, I receive an email that it is ready. Then we get to work!

The first graph I look at is the Symptom Burden Graph. This shows me where the greatest symptoms are and what the body is saying needs to be helped.

Here are some examples of Symptom Burden Graphs and their comparisons over time. I like to see that client’s progress and this is also helpful to the client. The red line is the first questionnaire and the blue line is the subsequent one.

This really shows great progress! The topics on the left side of the graph are what I call, ìFoundations.î Upper GI, Liver & Gallbladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Mineral Needs, Essential Fatty Acids, and Sugar Handling are the topics that I concentrate on the most. The topics that are to the right of these foundations are the consequences of the poor functioning foundations.

The next report is the Symptom Burden Comparison Report. It is 2 pages long. The first page lists the conditions ranked by score and the second page lists the nutritional deficiencies by score. This also helps me to see the main issues and the progress. This first client had a total reduction of 309 points. This is a great decrease in her overall symptoms!

Bob Mlynek