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 The Creighton Model FertilityCare program (CrMS) is a method of natural family planning with medical applications to NaProTechnology. This method can be used by a couple to avoid or achieve pregnancy and is natural, no pills, prophylactics, equipment or side effects. CrMS has been in existence for over 30 years and has medical research to back it up.

Our Center is an Affiliation of the FertilityCare Centers of America. Through our program, you will be taught individually by trained FertilityCare Practitioners with over 5 years of experience teaching CrMS. For those wishing to use the System to avoid pregnancy, it is 96% effective. Couples looking to achieve pregnancy that have been unsuccessful for over a year, with just charting CrMS, anywhere from 20-40% will become pregnant. However, with adding NaProTechnology, that success rate jumps to 80%. This program is a successful alternative to artificial reproductive technologies (ART) and IVF.

Private Fertility Care Introductory Session

Private Introductory Fertility Care Session.

  • Individualized

  • Private

  • Confidential

First step in getting starting with charting your fertility with the FertilityCare method. If you opt to continue the learning process, this fee will be waived.

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Fertility Care for a Year for New Clients

This packages includes all the individualized teaching and care you need to learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare System in the first year. This includes:

  • Intro to FertilityCare Presentation

  • First Instructional Follow Up Session

  • 6 Follow up Sessions

  • Monthly Billing Available ($100 per month for 6 months)

Includes all charting materials ($80 value), all follow up sessions and any chart reviews need for the first year of charting. Also includes a nutritional health assessment (Nutri-Q), all communication with your medical provider as needed and private messaging support during business hours.

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From another Practice

First Follow Up $100
(Includes any Materials)

Subsequent Follow Up $75

Chart Reviews $50


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